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PSG Application Server implements an easy to use in memory cache object to provide quick access to data for fast applications. This feature is implemented for PSG single server implementations. For Enterprise level applications will provide easy access to REDIS server. Variables can be stored by keys and property name into server memory object. Code:… (read more)

Mobile applications development

PSG Application Server REST API Mobile application development sample     While PSG Application model uses its own Client software to access the Application server, the REST API can be accessed by any third party applications using standard concepts. PSG REST API can be used to offer services to: -          applications -          servers -          WEB… (read more)

REST API (September 2013)

We are glad to announce that a REST API for PSG servers is under development. First beta will be available in September 2013. REST API calls model: The PSG RESTAPI will provide a single URI that acts as the service endpoint. You will be able to access the REST API service endpoint using the GET… (read more)

C# tabbed main UI runs VFP apps

Building a C# and VFP module based application             The PSGSDK development platform allows the users to create various applications in programming languages such as C#, Java or VFP. Moreover, we can group C# and VFP modules in one application. This procedure can be used if the “tabs.txt” file, exists in the client’s work directory… (read more)

PSG SDK Security

The PSG application server offers communication access using HTPS protocol with high encryption standards. PKI of 2048 bit and 128 bit DES3 TLS1/SSL3/SSL2. The PSG client application model: PSG handshaking module login download and set  local client user rights set the session key and launch the main user interface The main user interface is checked… (read more)