Getting Started


The pricing policy is based on the number of users per PSG server and server type. The PSG server and client are free to be used for development or for distribution; however, the usage of the applications built on PSG platforms requires the ‘per user’ licensing model. The PSG business model is B2B – PSG… (read more)

Getting Started

The PSG client/server development platform offers tools for faster secured database applications development. It offers power and versatility using only basic classes and templates that could be adapted to different needs with few constraints, generally coming from the client server architecture. Start creating secured database applications built using an n-tier client/server programming model in just… (read more)

Client-side Programming Overview

The installation kit can be downloaded from By default, PSG is installed in the “Program Files” directory, and the start application will create a working directory for each computer user under the user profile in the “Application Data” directory. After installing, the server address should be set into an available servers list in the… (read more)

PSG Server Installation

Requirements: Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000 server or above Recommended: Windows 2003/2008 server. Fast hard drives for better performance and estimated 1Mb memory for each user. PSG does not depend on specific hardware or software installation, except the operating system that should be MS. Windows. Installation: Installation kit server components a management… (read more)

SDK Basics

PSG 2.0 is a client/server database applications development platform. It offers a solution for building secured applications that can efficiently function in heterogeneous networks such as the Internet, Intranet and local networks. The variety of built-in components and classes for different programming languages makes integration faster when working with a PSG platform and also allows… (read more)