VFP 9 – PSGSDK project wizard

Download the PDF file from http://www.psgsdk.com/downloads/vfp_project_wizard.pdf Distributed as “psgproject.app”, the project wizard helps to start building a new project for your PSG application. Parts of a PSG Application modules or documents are EXE files created with VFP; those are accessible from PSG client menu. A project is needed for each document/module of PSG application. We… (read more)

PSG Server – short installation guide

PSG Server – Installation guide PDF file ( http://www.psgsdk.com/downloads/psg_server_install_short_guide.pdf ) Installation kit: Installation kit is an exe file: SRVMAN.EXE (https://www.psgsdk.com/downloads/psg20srvman.zip) Installs all needed components to run a PSG Application server Install a PSG local servers instances manager Does not install an PSG Application server, this is done using the “Server manager” (check DISTRIBUTION chapter) Install… (read more)