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September 29, 2012

The PSG client/server development platform offers tools for faster secured database applications development. It offers power and versatility using only basic classes and templates that could be adapted to different needs with few constraints, generally coming from the client server architecture.

Start creating secured database applications built using an n-tier client/server programming model in just few days. The learning curve is as short as possible by using your favorite programming language of choice from .NET C#, VFP or JAVA server side and of course client side.

PSG offers the middle tiers from your application modules to the database server and PSG services. By implementing the REST services model, we provide a fast response, maximizing your hardware potential.

First download and install the following from the support website:

  • The PSG server manager
  • The PSG client installation Kit
  • The demo server installation

You could check the simple demo application and by downloading the “classes and templates” archive you will also have the PSG programming manuals and the demo project archive. One tutorial PDF file was created based on the demo project, giving you a short start.

The PSG application server can be accessed from virtually anywhere, using standard network infrastructures such as routers and firewalls. The PSG client can also be configured to use different kinds of standard proxies. Setting up the server for being used over the Internet, is based on your router configuration only, by setting the network address transfer rules for the PSG application server ports. PSG implements HTTPS as the communication protocol is as strong as any VPN.

Feel free to use our support forum or our email address for any related question you might have.

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