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November 21, 2013

PSG Application Server REST API

Mobile application development sample



While PSG Application model uses its own Client software to access the Application server, the REST API can be accessed by any third party applications using standard concepts.

PSG REST API can be used to offer services to:

-          applications
-          servers
-          WEB applications using JQuery java scripts

Current implementation of REST API uses JSON data format and offer all standard CRUD operations.
Cross-platform mobile applications can be created using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript JQuery, Ajax and PhoneGap/ Cordoba.

Here we will show samples of HTML5 applications build with PSG REST API services and APPERY IDE.

APPERY ( offers a WEB integrated IDE to create phone and tablet HTML5 applications.


  • APPERY IDE usage
  • some knowledge of Javascript and Jquery is a plus but not mandatory
  • Read the PSG REST API documentation
  • PSG application installation and setup
  • Sample projects and files

More information here psg_mobile_appliation.pdf


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