PSG SDK Security

September 17, 2012

The PSG application server offers communication access using HTPS protocol with high encryption standards. PKI of 2048 bit and 128 bit DES3 TLS1/SSL3/SSL2.

The PSG client application model:

  • PSG handshaking module
    • login
    • download and set  local client user rights
    • set the session key and launch the main user interface
  • The main user interface is checked with the server for conformity by using MD5 checksums.
    • the application menu  is built according with the user access rights, offering access to the allowed modules only
    • the PSG main user interface could launch application modules only after a conformity check using MD5 checksums.
    • the aplication modules are stored on the server and transferred to the client at first use. If changes occur, we just need to publish new modules to the application server and the client will be updated automatically at first use.

Shortly: one user can’t run user interfaces or application modules that are not accepted by the application server.

The PSG application server will not respond to commands without a valid session key, meaning it can’t be used from unauthorized applications.

By balancing the loading into the server and client hardware, PSG offers a secured connection, also keeping the expected fast response.

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