PSG Server Installation

September 17, 2012


Operating system:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2000 server or above
  • Recommended:
    • Windows 2003/2008 server.
    • Fast hard drives for better performance and estimated 1Mb memory for each user.

PSG does not depend on specific hardware or software installation, except the operating system that should be MS. Windows.


  • Installation kit
    • server components
    • a management interface for the PSG server instances
  • The PSG server will be installed using the management interface from a ZIP archive.
  • More PSG servers can run on the same hardware computer using different listening ports.

The database server should be installed separately.

To install the server management tool, please use the CD provided or the downloaded installation KIT. Please check the installation kit readme.txt file for updated information.

The installation kit will install the system components as required.

After installation:

Default demo servers or empty server’s credits:
User: Administrator
Password: admin

Set a default certificate using the certificate utility or add a verified certificate.


For its services, PSG opens two ports – one is SSL secured for application communication needs and the second one – a standard HTTP port for system help files. You will need to set your network infrastructure – see firewalls and routers – to allow access/route these ports according to your specific needs.

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