VFP 9 – PSGSDK project wizard

October 3, 2013

Download the PDF file from http://www.psgsdk.com/downloads/vfp_project_wizard.pdf

Distributed as “psgproject.app”, the project wizard helps to start building a new project for your PSG application.

Parts of a PSG Application modules or documents are EXE files created with VFP; those are accessible from PSG client menu. A project is needed for each document/module of PSG application. We will refer next to VFP modules projects as documents.

The PSGPROJECT.APP helps you to create the basic start of your new project; it is not intended to create a full document project rather to give you a quick start automating boring initial stuff:

-          Add a menu to the application for the new document
-          Add a new category for the new document
-          Create main program
-          Create first loading form
-          Create first interface container
-          Create new data service
-          Publish new document to default local server
-          Set access rights for the new document for “administrator”

These are repetitive tasks that consume time and can generate errors at first steps.

PSG applications use so called documents to present and manipulate data. Each document load his initial data, work locally and update the server when needed using asynchronous communications, this way the server and communication channel are used wisely over heterogeneous networks.

One “document” can be complex using many forms and procedures, please see the PSG demo project for samples. This wizard will create only the start of your new document.

The loading form works by invoking the server for its data services and then presents the data using an interface container class.The first interface class it is basic, has the proper INIT method and one grid to present the loaded data (in case a data service is used).

Getting started:

  • template_psg.scx / sct
  • template_psg2.scx / sct
  • template_psg.vcx / vct
  • psgproject.app

-          Run the psgproject.app and follow the wizard pages to the end.

Please read the PDF file for details:  http://www.psgsdk.com/downloads/vfp_project_wizard.pdf

The new created “document”, where you can see the new document in action, it just invoked the new created service and populated one simple grid with data. Starting from here the new project should be modified and improved to fit the application.

Please check the documentation for PSG VFP applications that present the available controls, methods and basic information to create powerful and secured Internet ready applications using the PSG Application server backend.





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